There is something simple about the life I wish to live but is shrouded by what society claims to...right and good and well and satisfying. There is an utter happiness I get from being simple, enjoying things that are simple (all in my own objective view of simple).

My name is Joseph Aaron Racca, Jr. I have a fascination and obsession with design and "culture." it manifests in the things we do everyday. Look around. Our clothes, our foods, the way we walk, the way we fix our hair, the way we write, the things we right, the things we believe in. All of it. All of it is centered around design and culture. We do things with purpose and that is what it means to design.

Culture these days is convoluted by the rightness and wrongness in it; and yes these values of right and wrong may be true for some, but not for all.

I'll try my best not to complicate the world more than it already is. Because for all I know, we need more simplicty in this lifetime.

Live simply, and simply live and know that there is always more to cum.

I'm also down to design for great and amazing causes. If you're interested in my design perspective and aesthetic, contact me!